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Google Drive is an application that allows you to upload and sync files from your computer to the online storage service from Google. The app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and currently offers 5 GB of free storage for all types of files.

What the application does is install a folder in your computer that syncs automatically to your Google Drive account, which you can use to store photos, documents, e-books, music, videos, and other file types. This folder works like any other directory in your PC, with the difference that when you add a file to it, this file will be automatically uploaded your Google Drive account. Every time you rename, remove, or move a file to this folder, the changes will be instantly reflected in My Drive. This way, using this app you will be able to store you files and have access to them from any device that has internet access. With the integration of Google Docs, you can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go, convert documents to other formats, view and share your files, and collaborate with other users.

The application is easy to install and once it is setup, you only need to login using your Google credentials. From the Preferences section you can, among other actions, set the app to sync your Google Docs files for offline viewing and set the app to sync only particular folders.

In short, the cloud storage service from Google is a very good alternative for those who want to store their files online and make them accessible from anywhere. It is easy enough to set up, and offers a friendly environment where you can save and work with multiple types of files.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to install and setup
  • Integrates Google Docs
  • 5 GB of free storage
  • Lets you view more than 30 file types


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